A creative meeting

By the end of 2012 when all around us was of a world crisis of unprecedented proportions and nobody knew when would it be over. We put our creativityto use and the result…was pretty colourful!

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Brainstorming is a technique that helps a group of people achieve creative ideas. But for the session to be fully productive, it is necessary to follow some rules.

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To grow

What happens when you try something new, when you visit a new place or when you meet someone new? You grow. And when you learn something new, when you experiment with something new? You grow.

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That idea that enlightens you

It is that magical sensation, I would almost dare to say that spiritual, that overwhelms you when you have THE IDEA. That solution (or part of it) that comes to your head when you’re not thinking about it (despite having spent hours thinking about it).

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The Design Thinking process

The process defined by Design Thinking is guided by six phases. Problem area The first three phases focus on the problem, forcing us to clearly expose it and redefine it as many times as necessary. It is important to invest some time and effort defining the problem. A...

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Draw up a good presentation

It is never easy to prepare a good presentation, but a great idea presented in a undistinguished manner may detract from the effort and value that the content that is exposed has.

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