Has it never happened to you? Surely yes. It is that magical sensation, I would almost dare to say that spiritual, that overwhelms you when you have THE IDEA. That solution (or part of it) that comes to your head when you’re not thinking about it (despite having spent hours thinking about it).

It usually happens to me in the shower. Anglo-Saxons call it the moments of the 3 “B” s (Bed, Bath & Bus), although with the use of mobiles, I would say that the “Bus” has become the moment to review messages or delete photos … we can change it for the moment of looking at the microwave while heating the milk for breakfast? Can we change Bus for Breakfast? OK, I buy the idea!

These are moments in which we are performing routine tasks, which do not need our full attention and, thanks to that, our neurons relax. For some mysterious reason of the brain (I would like to consult with a neurologist) we enlighten and clearly see an idea … eureka! how didn’t I think about it before! it is simple! it’s great! And suddenly, you feel full of energy, the idea takes shape, color, and that fills you, stimulates you, motivates you …

This feeling does not only affect the newly found idea … the energy fills you in other areas too, you are … on the crest of the wave !!!!


Come on! To the shower! ?