Re-Think Different

Get to know creative methodologies, such as Design Thinking, and integrate them in your teamwork to achieve better solutions



Motivating presentations about how a creative mind works and methodologies that will allow you to implement creative processes in your team, to foster innovation and to explore solutions in new ways.


These workshops are teamwork sessions in which we put into practice creative methodologies in a pedagogical environment, to internalize processes of collective creation and learn by doing.


I lead work sessions to integrate creative processes on real situations inside the company, optimized for an appropriate period of time, and involving the team in the process in order to secure rapid execution after the creative phase.

How to do it


Know the basic principles of creative methodologies

Develop the capacity for abstraction

Practice repeatedly until you are familiar with the process

Develop a new skill that you can use whenever needed


Do not look straight ahead, turn around and look at both sides

Identify and break down stardard prejudices

Set your mind in different roles

Use creativity tools to reach different solution (lateral thinking, empathy mapping, abstraction ladder,…)


Take time to identify the specific problem.  Solving the right problem is just as important as solving it well

Discover your real problem. Get as much information as possible. Ask customers, suppliers, co-workers, stakeholders in the process of development, production and marketing.

Structure and conclude your findings

Reach a very specific definition of the problem before starting looking for solutions



Combine individual and group creativity

Leverage the strength of having a multidisciplinary team

Consciously balance quantity and quality to quickly reach better solutions

Explore creativity techniques

My clients reinforce their teamwork, manage to think “out of the box” and reach creative solutions, focused on concrete problems and oriented to results.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

Mapi has a special ability to recognize new opportunities. She enhances confidence in the people working around her, she offers freedom to innovate, pushing her team towards creativity, and that is evident when you take a look at the projects she develops. What makes her unique is her close relationship full of professionalism, she projects reliability and calm. I admire her work. I enjoy working with her and constantly learn from her.

Vicky Perez, Cluster Manager Marketing & PR en BARI Groep B.V.




Mapi is a great talent scout. Her professionalism and leadership has been a reference in my professional life. Intuitive and courageous in her decisions, generous with her team and with great ability to organize and enhance the skills of every individual. I would highlight her open-mindedness, her ability to detect and synthesize what is really relevant and her optimism.

Mila Marin, Accounts Director at Srta. Templeton

We contacted Mapi to help us find a path to move forward and grow in a different way in the company and to effectively manage decision making. In just a few sessions with the whole team we already started to see results. In addition to group sessions, she advised us at different levels, ensuring the improvement of internal management significantly. We have improved communication, the agility with which decisions are made and, above all, the implementation of changes and new processes. She has taught us to see things from different perspectives which allows us to be incredibly more productive.

Alejandra de Balanzó, Partner & CEO at ICE Company



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