Here I am, sharing with you relevant contents … Now I want you to know how to structure a speech that is really motivating. Nancy Duarte presents it at a TED TALKS conference.

Nancy makes us think that an idea can change the world, but to achieve it, it must be communicated effectively.

To do so, she proposes to structure our discourse as a story. Here is a brief summary of the things we must take into account to effectively communicate an innovative idea:

  • The speaker does not have to be the protagonist, but the mentor, who guides the story. The protagonist is the audience.
  • Structure the presentation in three parts:
  1. Have a hero, who has the longing
  2. Develop the main part of the story
  3. The transformation, the final situation resulting from the application of our idea.
  • The structure of the presentation should resemble the scheme following (the lower lines explain “what is” and the higher “what could be” with the application of our idea.) The greater the distance between the horizontal lines, the more attractive it will be our idea):

Good speech structure

  • Get the interaction of the audience, through their laughter, applause or answers.
  • Astonish yourself personally, to make the audience be astonished too.
  • Maintain a rhythm, a cadence, like a melody.
  • Repeat the most important idea / s.
  • Use metaphors to explain complex concepts.
  • Use emotive elements (songs, lyrics, images) with which the audience identifies.


And the final reflection: The future is not a place we are going to go to, but a place that we have to create, so, encourage! Open the window and shake your ideas !!!!