As a communicator, I have already talked about body language to correctly interpret and express what we want to convey.

Today I want to share with you this presentation of TED TALKS in which Amy Cuddy shows us that our body language, in addition to transmitting messages to others, can also shape our mind, thereby modifying our behavior and having consequences at key moments in our lives.

As a summary, we can say:

  • We ourselves are influenced by our own body language.
  • Two minutes of “open” posture, (even if forced), increases testosterone (the power hormone) and lowers cortisol (stress hormone).

Amy encourages us to do the following: Pretend until you get it -> Pretend until you are.

So, we can say that: “Our body changes our mind -> our mind changes our behavior -> our behavior changes the result.”

Small postural adjustments lead to BIG CHANGES.